About Us

Pregnancy should be a time of great joy and excitement, but when it happens unexpectedly it can be scary and overwhelming. Some women act without hearing all of their options and without understanding the weight of their decisions. In November of 2009, two women decided that those scared young women needed to be cared for, listened to, and informed about their options. Thus, the Bastrop Pregnancy Resource Center (BPRC) was established and opened to help young pregnant women in Bastrop County.

Our Vision

To Create a Safe Place in a World of Anxiety & Confusion

When a pregnancy is unplanned your whole world may feel like it's been turned upside down. At this time some women feel all alone and others just don't have the support they need...sometimes it's both. It's at this moment that you need someone that will listen without passing judgment, and express a genuine love for you right where you are. BPRC is a faith-based organization and we support life. Each life is precious and such a blessing!

What We Do

At BPRC our services are free and include pregnancy tests, educational classes, referrals, and material needs for moms, dads, and children through age 2.  Join our "MAP" program to earn "Baby Bucks" for the material items. See our Resources page for details. We are here to support, love, encourage, and help guide you throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born.  You may see a brochure here.