Frequently Asked Questions

 1.    How much does a pregnancy test cost? 

All of our services and materials are completely free of charge. 


2.     Do I need to make an appointment? 

Yes, you may schedule an appointment through the website or give us a call.


3.     Can you help someone who speaks only Spanish? 

Yes, and we have parenting classes, informational booklets, and Bibles in Spanish. 


4.     Do you refer for abortion?

No, however we do have information available on the different kinds of procedures. We also appreciate the opportunity to share facts and photos, showing the progression and development of the child. We are a pro-life, faith-based organization and we offer assistance with basic material needs (from pregnancy to age 2), emotional support, and many training classes. 


5.     Can you help with bills or gas money? 

No, but we have a list of resources available. 

6.     I’d like to volunteer. What are some ways I can help? 

Periodically we have volunteer orientation and training. Opportunities include working in the boutique, helping with fundraisers and  events, assisting with office duties, and working with clients directly. See our "Volunteers" page.


7.     What kinds of material donations are most needed? 

We gladly accept clean and gently used or new baby equipment, clothing from newborn up to 3T, diapers and wipes,  formula and baby food, maternity clothes, baby bath and hygiene products, infant toys and books… basically, anything for moms, babies, and children. Please Note: We can not give out used car seats, breast pumps, or bottles.


8.   What classes do you offer?

Our classes include infant and toddler parenting, childbirth, breast-feeding, budgeting and more. See our Classes page for more details.

9.  How long does a typical client visit take?

About 1 hour.

10. Where can I monetarily donate?

See our Donors page for details.