Assistant Executive Director

Yearly Salary  $24,000 / Full-time Position                                                                                                                 (Open till Filled)

Benefits                10 Days PTO - Paid Time Off  / 9 Paid Holidays


Job Qualifications

  • Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

  • Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the sanctity of all human life.

  • Agree and be willing to uphold the Statement of Faith, and policies of the Center.

  • Bachelor's degree, in a related field, or related equivalent experience preferred.

  • Have two years of experience as a volunteer or employee in ministry.

  • Have two years in an administrative position with direct experience in supervising paid staff in an efficient and professional office preferred.

  • Exhibit interpersonal communication skills, public speaking, writing and effective media relations.

  • Demonstrate evidence of spiritual maturity and be able to provide spiritual leadership, discipleship, encouragement and direction to the staff and volunteers.

  • Be able to carry out responsibilities with little or no supervision.

  • Exhibit an extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Job Description

Reports to: 

  • The Executive Director.  The Assistant Executive Director shall receive a yearly written and oral evaluation by the Executive Director.


  • All volunteer staff at BPRC (under the supervision of the Executive Director)

  • Opening and closing the center(s) in the absence of the Executive Director or Board Members.


  • Assist the Executive Director in conducting training seminars and staff meetings.

  • Oversee and supervise volunteer “on-the-job” training and see that policies and procedures are followed.

Using the ADDIE Model, Assist the Executive Director to:

  • Create or modify existing training materials.

  • Create or modify training flow charts.

  • Develop or modify telephone talk tracts.

  • Create or modify visual communication signs to be posted in the center.

  • Evaluate and assess instruction and its impact.

Public Relations, Assist the Executive Director to:

  • Educate the local community about BPRC ministries with the goal of obtaining support.

  • Represent ministries and services of BPRC to the community.

  • Develop promotional materials and advertisements to promote public awareness of the ministry.


  • Under the supervision and guidance of the Executive Director, facilitate all client services of the center.

  • Make prayer an integral part of the day-to-day operation of the center.

  • Review client files and peer counselor summaries, offer suggestions, encourage volunteers and communicate information effectively.

  • Oversee record-keeping and effective follow-up of clients by volunteers.

  • Oversee scheduling and returning calls received after hours.

  • Oversee scheduling of all volunteers.

  • Interact with the Executive Director to relate client and staff needs and problems.

  • Oversee cleaning of the center(s) on a daily basis.

  • Plan and/or assist in planning volunteer in-services and appreciation events.

Client Services:

  • Oversee peer counseling and all other services provided for clients.

  • Provide peer counseling and services for clients when volunteers are not available.

  • Maintain and update the referral resources for volunteers and client use.

  • Evaluate, select, and maintain needed educational materials and resources for client use, including pregnancy tests and exam gloves.

  • Teach and train volunteers in the adopted Abstinence Education program.

  • Assist Abstinence Education Program Volunteer coordinator with scheduling presentations.

Data Entry:

  • Oversee the eKyros Program and all client data entry using the program. A volunteer may be trained under the supervision and approval of the Executive Director.

General Office Management:

  • Oversee inventory control of office supplies.

  • Maintain data regarding volunteers, staff and board member lists.

  • Assist Executive Director in performing office administrative duties as requested.

  • Update all forms, files and manuals as advised by the Executive Director.

  • Assist Executive Director in performing office administrative duties as requested.

  • Oversee and maintain the general front office organization.

  • Oversee organization of the office storage areas and supplies, rotating materials in and out as needed. Oversee destruction of old files that are no longer needed.  Properly store all items used in Fundraising Events. Keep front office calendar up to date with activities.

  • Update and keep current all referral books, brochures closet and office documents. Inform Executive Director of any brochures that need to be ordered. Keep brochure closet clean, neat and organized.

  • Be readily prepared to be a BPRC team player when asked to perform “extra” duties to insure that BPRC runs smoothly.

  • Coordinate a yearly calendar for the ministry and implementation of special events.

  • Ensure that all center policies are carried out and that new policies are approved and implemented.

  • Maintain policies and procedures manual for the center.

  • Miscellaneous duties as required and assigned by Executive Director or Board Members.


Bastrop Pregnancy Resource Center

2007  N Main Street

(Inside Faith Baptist Church)




Mailing Address

P O Box 2192

Bastrop, TX 78602



Hours of Operation

Monday  9 - noon

Wednesday 9 - noon