Executive Director

Yearly Salary $36,000 - $40,000 / Full-time Exempt Position                                                                                          (Open until Filled)

Benefits                10 Days PTO - Paid Time Off  + 10 Paid Holidays

Objectives  The Executive Director has full responsibility of BPRC. This includes the implementation of policies and procedures approved by the Board of Directors. The primary areas of responsibility will be administrative, development, and community relations/public relations, in partnership with the Board of Directors.

Reports to  The Board of Directors. The Executive Director will be evaluated on a yearly basis by the President of the Board of Directors in both written and oral form.

Supervises    All Staff and volunteers.

Qualifications / Requirements

  • Committed Christian possessing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

  • Exhibits a strong commitment and dedication to the sanctity of all human life.

  • Agrees with and upholds the Principles, Statement of Faith, and policies of BPRC.

  • Two years' experience as a volunteer or employee in a ministry.

  • Two years' experience in supervision of staff.

  • Provides spiritual leadership, discipleship, and direction for staff members and volunteers.

  • Develops and implements strategic plans and goals for the center.

  • Carries out responsibilities with little or no supervision.

  • Strong skills in interpersonal communication.

  • Maintains client confidentiality.

  • Proficient in Word and Excel.

Qualifications / Preferred

  • Two years' experience in public relations, public speaking, writing, and effective media relations.

  • Five years' experience in supervision of staff.

  • Bachelor's or master's degree, in a related field.

  • Bilingual in English and Spanish.

  • Experience in grant writing and fundraising.

  • Proficiency in PowerPoint and Publisher.

Major Responsibilities


  • Makes prayer an integral part of the day-to-day operation of the pregnancy center, as well as using every opportunity to present the Gospel.

  • Provides managerial support, direction, and supervision to personnel, including weekly meetings with selected personnel.

  • Supervises timely and accurate client database input.

  • Conducts annual or biannual written and oral evaluations of personnel.

  • Cooperates with the Board Treasurer in creating an annual budget for the center, including needs for future training, curriculum, office, staff, etc., to be presented to the board of Directors for approval.

  • Works with the Board of Directors to determine the Center's hours of operations and staffing needs.

  • Ensures all expenditures approved by the Executive Director and made by staff are encompassed within the annual budget or presented to the Board of Directors for approval before commitments are made and monies spent.

  • Conducts or oversees the compilation of statistical reports presented to the Board of Directors monthly.

  • Provides a bi-weekly update/status report to the Board President, i.e. status of projects, fundraising, new donors, staff issues.

  • Coordinates a yearly calendar for the ministry and implementation of special events.

  • Ensures that all center policies are carried out and new policies are approved by the Board of Directors before implementation.

  • Supervises maintenance to policies and procedures manual for the center.

  • Makes sure all financial documents and receipts are provided to the bookkeeper within two days of expenditures.

  • Files quarterly and annual reports on all grants and affiliations.



  • Recruits, interviews, and trains volunteers.


  • Works with the Board of Directors to design and implement a plan for building center revenue through Grants and Fundraising that is time sensitive and critical.

  • Works with the Board of Directors in establishing and implementing long-range and short-range goals.

  • Plans, conducts, and works with the Fundraising Committee to execute major fundraising events.

  • Educates the local community about BPRC ministries with the goal of obtaining support.

Public Relations

  • Expands the visibility of the BPRC ministries in the community.

  • Develops and maintains ongoing relationships with churches, pastors, and other ministries in the community.

  • Represents ministries and services of BPRC to the community and media.

  • Develops or oversees the creation of materials and advertisements to promote public awareness of the ministry.

Bastrop Pregnancy Resource Center

2007  N Main Street

(Inside Faith Baptist Church)




Mailing Address

P O Box 2192

Bastrop, TX 78602



Hours of Operation

Monday  9 - 3

Wednesday 9 - noon